Each house is as unique as its owner and shows the personal idea and vision behind it. Individual and expressive buildings can be created through the use of the versatile building material clinker. The extension to the Humboldt Grammar School in Cologne also has a special characteristic. The architects from Numrich Albrecht Klumpp have designed a contemporary addition to the listed building. The “Island BA+FU” assortment, strongly accentuated by charcoal firing, contrasts the red brick of the existing building with its soft grey tones. The use of special shaped bricks as well as cleverly applied filter masonry dressings rhythmises the façade and gives it an extraordinary plasticity.

We present this and six other projects with a unique effect of clinker in this 42nd TOPOBJEKT. On the back page, you will also find a special development from our manufactory: the nesting clinker brick.


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Whether residential quarters, administrative complexes, city centres, parks, research centres, school buildings, hospitals, sacred buildings or individual residential buildings – here in our TOPOBJEKT archives you will find lots of inspiring architecture with Hagemeister clinker at a glance.

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